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COVID-19 Update

Dear Valued BandA Member,

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) update:

BandA Tech Solutions has prepared BandA Managed Members to stay productive and navigate potential business challenges. Communication on your needs is very important during this time and we ask you to be as proactive as possible. All members we serve are set and ready to allow staff to work from home. This does mean risks are higher. We need your help in educating your team to make sure your data is secure and protected.

For all of our Digital Marketing Members, we are continuing working on projects, and if face to face meetings are not an option we will schedule ZOOM web meetings to continue productivity.

IT Managed Members, Please note the following:
Be Aware of COVID-19 Phishing Scams:

The Department of Homeland Security CISA (cyber and infrastructure) warns individuals to remain vigilant for scams related to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). CISA encourages individuals to remain vigilant and take the following precautions:

  • Avoid clicking on links in unsolicited emails and be wary of email attachments. See Using Caution with Email Attachments and Avoiding Social Engineering and Phishing Scams for more information.
  • Use trusted sources—such as legitimate, government websites—for up-to-date, fact-based information about COVID-19.
  • Do not reveal personal or financial information in email, and do not respond to email solicitations for this information.
  • Verify a charity’s authenticity before making donations. Review the Federal Trade Commission’s page on Charity Scams for more information.
  • Review CISA Insights on Risk Management for COVID-19 for more information.

What You Can Do To Facilitate Working From Home:

  • If you are experiencing internet connectivity problems, please restart your internet equipment (modem, router, wi-fi access points). This will resolve most issues.
  • If internet seems slow, sometimes this can be caused by a browser with many tabs opened or a computer that hasn’t been recently rebooted. It’s always a good idea to close and reopen your browser if web browsing seems sluggish or, even better, restart your computer.
  • It is always advisable to use your company-issued computer to perform any work or access any company data or resources. personal computers will not have the same level of protection as your company computer and will not be covered under your company acceptable use policy and will not be supported by BandA Tech.
  • As when you are in the office, if you are working from home you can still contact us for IT support at or by calling 616-422-5538 Ext 101.

A Word About Equipment:
Please note: Because many manufacturing and supply chains are shut down or otherwise disrupted, it may become difficult to procure new computers and other IT equipment in the coming weeks and months. If you have any new hires on the horizon or other IT purchases in mind that we’re not aware of, please let us know so we can have plenty of lead time to order the equipment.

Thanks and please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Bill Badran
BandA Tech CEO

BandA Members Urgent Security ALERT for Office 365 accounts


Our IT managers have been receiving reports in the West Michigan area of a fake email with a subject line : Invoice#72064-1 (Or any random numbers) and people (specifically anyone who deals with invoices) are clicking on the link in the email. We have encountered 3 issues here in Holland/Zeeland area. Once clicked a BOT will send out a mass email to all contacts with the same composed Invoice email and then could potential create more harm on the users workstation and or data. We also have noticed that O365 users are more likely to be impacted.

Please note that the BOT is programed to stay undetected from Antivirus Scanners. As we manage your Antivirus, we will update your virus protection once we have an idea of what this BOT is to protect you. Regardless, it all starts with the user. Please communicate to your staff of this issue to raise awareness to prevent any more clicks and to also have staff read the email carefully to spot the ‘fake’ content. If anyone clicks on the link of this fake email, we instruct everyone to disconnect from the network and contact us IMMEDIATELY. We are treating this with URGENCY.

Again, in your team meetings or day to day discussions, remind everyone to really look at the email. From who it was sent ‘from’ to the footer of the email, your team can prevent this spread.

If there is any questions or would like to schedule a Cyber Security Training, please let us know.

Watch out for Crypto Virus Email!

Crypto Virus email comes in via email. If the user clicks on the file your virus scanners will not detect the virus. Crypto Virus email may look like it is coming from someone who you may be familiar with. You need to look at who the email is from. If it doesn't look like a familiar email address or if the content doesn't make sense then it is a bad email...DON'T OPEN THE ATTACHMENTS AND DELETE IT RIGHT AWAY.

Virus Alert
New Cryptowall virus! Look out for it in an email about new Outlook settings (Subject typically: Important - New Outlook Settings) coming from This is fake and DO NOT click on any links and delete the email right away. Be sure to let your IT Team know about it. Be sure to pass this info on to everyone you know. #virusalert#cryptingvirus#Outlook

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