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Watch out for Crypto Virus Email!

Crypto Virus email comes in via email. If the user clicks on the file your virus scanners will not detect the virus. Crypto Virus email may look like it is coming from someone who you may be familiar with. You need to look at who the email is from. If it doesn't look like a familiar email address or if the content doesn't make sense then it is a bad email...DON'T OPEN THE ATTACHMENTS AND DELETE IT RIGHT AWAY.

We are in our NEW HOME!

Hi Members!

We are pleased to announce that we have moved and settled into our new location on 8th Street! This new location gives us parking, branding, and location to grow. We hope you have a moment to stop by and visit the team.

390 E 8th St.

Holland MI 49423.

Next door to the Vaccuum Cleaning Headquarters.

Thank you,

BandA Team

Virus Alert
New Cryptowall virus! Look out for it in an email about new Outlook settings (Subject typically: Important - New Outlook Settings) coming from Administrator@outlook-us.com. This is fake and DO NOT click on any links and delete the email right away. Be sure to let your IT Team know about it. Be sure to pass this info on to everyone you know. #virusalert#cryptingvirus#Outlook

New Help Desk Number
Hello BandA Members,

BandA Tech Help desk in now open.  For any support calls please call BandA Tech Help desk at 616-422-5538 ext 101.

Thank you,

BandA Tech Support Team
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